# Top 5 Ideas to Throw Surprise Birthday Party for your Best Friend

By | September 26, 2017
Friends love to celebrate their birthdays with each other and what can be better and exciting that giving your best friend a surprise party. There are so many times when your close friends have helped you, troubled you, took care of you and surprised you. Now its your turn to give something to your close friend. How about giving a surprise birthday party to your close friend. He or she would love the idea of you throwing a surprise birthday party and you could just see the expression of the birthday boy or girl.
Now if you are wondering what all you can do to surprise your best friend and throw a nice birthday party, you need to understand that there is a lot that goes into preparation. It also requires the effort of many of your friends so that you can plan a perfect birthday party. When you are planning a birthday party for your best friend, you need to decide the location, food types, birthday cake, and much more.
What all to plan when you throw a surprise party for your friend?: There’s a lot that goes into the planning for a surprise birthday party.

Top 5 Ideas to Throw Surprise Birthday Party for your Best Friend

Top 5 Ideas to Throw Surprise Birthday Party for your Best Friend

1. Funds: Whether you throw a small birthday party or a big one for your friend, you need to calculate the funds that would be required. If you are planning a small birthday party, you can collect money from your group of friends. This would be able to suffice the need. Whatever is the cost of the party, all the friends can split the amount and take the per head contribution.

2. Location: There are many places from which you can select when you decide to throw a birthday party for your friend. Anything from a restaurant or pub to a house party or a grand party venue such as a banquet hall, everything needs to be planned.
3. The elements of surprise: You know so much about your best friend and there are so many things he/ she might love. You can include all those things for your friend’s birthday party.
5 ideas to plan a surprise birthday party for your best friend
1) Beach birthday party: If you have enough money to shell out, there’s nothing more fun than a surprise party for your close friend at one of the popular beaches of Goa or Mumbai. If you live in any of the cities which have a beach, it won’t cost you much, however, if you have to travel all the way to reach a different city especially for the birthday party, then it would be a costly affair.
You can get the cake (your best friend’s favorite flavor on the beach) and some wine and do some decoration on the beach.
2) Club birthday party: the Birthday party at a club is a great idea if you are planning to call your gang of friends. You can get a separate area allocated for yourself in the club to surprise your friend on this special occasion. You need to only get the cake for the club surprise birthday party as you can easily order food and drinks in the club.
3) Home surprise birthday party: There’s nothing more comfortable than planning a surprise birthday party for your friend at his or her home or even yours. You can easily send the birthday person out for some work and have enough time to decorate the house nicely. Next, you can get the cake, order for most of the food items which your friend likes and beautifully decorate the table as well. When your friend is about to arrive, switch off all the lights, and let your friend enter and get completely mesmerized with the surprise birthday party.
4) Canteen surprise birthday party Are you and your best friend still in college and have less finance to arrange for a surprise birthday party. No worry, a simple canteen surprise birthday party is even worth the effort and love for your friend. Surprise your friend with the canteen party and make a pick of his or her favorite food items from the canteen menu. Order the most delicious chocolate or strawberry flavored cake.
5) Hotel Surprise Birthday Party: This surprise birthday party would definitely require some dough, but if you can shell out, it is pretty much fine for your best friend. You can organize a birthday party for your best friend at a nice hotel, call in the family members of all your friends, and have a blast at the hotel. You can get preparations done for the DJ, food and catering and cake. Plan to bring a nice gift for your friend.
There is a lot that goes into the planning of a surprise birthday party and when it is your best friend, nothing should go wrong. The above steps will help you form the coolest party for your best friend.

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