Top 10 Sister’s Day Gift Ideas

By | July 13, 2018

Our sister’s can be our best buddies, our ‘shoulder to cry on’, the best partner in crime, for pulling legs and having some fun and sometimes even a substitute for our mothers. Admit it! No matter how many times of the day you quarrel with your sister but they are the best thing that could ever happen to you. And You only Value Her when she is going to get married or it its Raksha Bandhan time.

With sister’s day celebrated hugely all over the world on the August, 2018, this sister’s day why not show them the right way what they mean to you.


  1. Create something personalized – Every girl loves to receive a gift with a hint of personal touch in it. And with your sister in the picture, emotions count more than anything. Make her a cute DIY Card with your childhood pictures printed on them or hand over her favorite perfume with a small note straight from your heart, and send her through mail such as hotmail, gmail etc.
  2. Relaxing time – If your sister is a very busy person and work has taken over her life. Then it is time for you to gift her a day at the spa to help her have a relaxing massage and rejuvenate herself. Show her how much you care about her comfort.
  3. Surprise Gift Basket – Talking about work stress? Why not bring a pleasant surprise at work itself? Gift your sister a care package filled with lots of goodies, cookies, bath salts, pocket perfumes and everything else that he loves and make her work place a better place to be in. Even if it’s just for a day!
  4. “I Love My Sister” Merchandise – Be it a coffee mug or a t-shirt or a pillow case or a picture frame, give her your love inscribed over an eternal piece of piece of gift to give her as a keepsake and to remind her daily how much you love and care for her. You can also inscribe some secret sister code or anything like that if you share!
  5. Flower Power – Every girl loves a good whiff of freshly delivered flowers at her doorstep. Whether it is to send flowers bouquets in any city in India or send flowers to anywhere in the world, wherever your sister is, a bouquet of colorful blooms is sure to send a smile right across her face!
  6. Cooking Classes – If your sister is a foodie, then it is time to prove to her your culinary skills and cook her some of her favorite dishes and surprise her once she comes back home from work. And If cooking isn’t your forte then you can simply have a fun and personal cooking class with your sister or you both can join one as an exciting family fun time together.
  7. BFF Bracelet – Gifting a friendship bracelet to your sister is one of the biggest gestures that you can do to prove to her what she means to you. That she is more than just a sister, she is your friend, philosopher and guide. You can send your sister a bracelet as a Rakhi gift
  8. Jewelry Charm- Talking about bracelets, why not gift your sister a beautiful set of neck piece or earrings or any other jewelry that she would proudly show off to her friends!
  9. Movie Date- Go enjoy a happy chick flick or a romantic movie like The Notebook with some popcorn and share a great day with her. I mean who better than a sister to cry your hearts out with, isn’t it?
  10. Shopping Time – For those of your shopaholic siblings out there, this is probably the greatest gift on a sister’s day. You both can enjoy raging the town with your window-shopping skills or barge in on that mega sale going on. A dinner followed by a great shopping spree is all that you need.



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