# Last Minute Top 5 Affordable Birthday Celebration Ideas Ever

By | October 9, 2017
Last Minute Top 5 Affordable Birthday Celebration Ideas Ever: Birthdays are special times and we memorize them. A birthday is a special occasion that is celebrated across the globe with the motto to celebrate the big day. Whenever there is a birthday in any family it creates a lot of anxiety and proper planning can make the party a successful event. Parties do not always have to be expensive as there are many ways in which one can plan a budget party.
One has to set the budget, guest list, venue where the party is going to be held, invitation, cake,  food, games for the party, return gifts or prizes, decoration, photography and music arrangements all these things have to be planned in advance. Everyone who decides to organize a birthday party first checks the budget for the party. One can throw awesome parties without spending a whole lot of money. Some of the tips for throwing budget birthday parties that are creative and meaningful:
A birthday should be planned ahead– It gives time to find a load of special deals for organizing an awesome party. One should start planning for the party as early as possible. Planning ahead always saves from the last-minute rush for the items.
Plan for digital invitations– You can save on paper invitations and can send digital invitations like Facebook, eVite, Punchbowl, paperless post as it is free.

Take help from family and friends – Instead of hiring party or event planners, you can always take the help of family members or close friends. You can plan the fun games for kids like musical chairs, freeze dance, red rover, charades etc. Play traditional games instead of hiring outside entertainment.
Shopping for the birthday can be done online – You can save money on decorations and party favours by shopping online at stores like Birthday Express, Paper Mart and Shindigs. One can get crafting supplies and can create personalized crafting activities for kids. The kids will have fun with these activities and can make something that they can take home.
One should avoid shopping from party stores- These stores are really expensive and charge a lot compared to other stores as they are speciality stores. Dollar stores or thrift stores are good places for having party favours at a very less price. In thrift stores, you can get cheap glasses, dinnerware, cutlery etc.
Make party supplies at home – As there are a lot of things in the house that can be used for decorations, such as paper plates can be decorated by a hole punch, markers can be used to design paper napkins and cups.
Food– This is the most important aspect of celebrating the birthday party and is the largest expense of the party. If it’s a kid’s party then one can keep simple items that can be prepared at home easily like burgers, pizza, sandwiches, hotdogs etc. One can avoid restaurant items by preparing everything in a planned manner at home.
Pick inexpensive venues – If you don’t want to organize the party at home then there are many places that offer a large discount for birthday parties for kids and teens. You can search in advance for best deals to save money and plan the party accordingly.

Park– It is a wonderful and inexpensive idea to throw a birthday bash if the weather permits. This place provides plenty of space for guests and is free of charge. One can pack picnic lunch and entertain the kids with lots of fun activities as well as traditional games in an outdoor area.
Movie theatre – Many cinemas offer birthday party packages to make it the more affordable choice for you. Some of the theatres provide private screenings and offer shown in the morning. The cost of the ticket is less than the usual charge.
Malls – This place is nowadays enjoyed by every age group and is one of the best to host a birthday party. One can create adventurous birthday party here and the food court offers a spacious and central meeting place for everyone.
One can schedule the party between the meal times when all the games are done. Here one gets a variety of food and is not very expensive. The food budget is one of the best ways to cut the cost of hosting a birthday party.
When you throw a birthday party, you will try to find the best options and ways to save money without comprising on the key aspects of the party. So it is essential to make a proper budget for the party before shopping anything for the party. Hence proper planning for a birthday party does not have to be expensive.

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